TYPO3: A True Open Source Community

A widespread, international community of users and developers contributes to the ongoing evolution and success of TYPO3. Get acquainted with the latest enhancements, view tutorials, screen shots, and sample sites at the hub of the TYPO3 community—typo3.org. Follow some of the links below to connect with like-minded users and developers.

Core Team & Active Contributors

Development and maintenance of TYPO3—and all of its built-in modules and features—is led by a handful of people, called the CMS team. A group of 40 volunteers and developers actively contribute to the TYPO3 core code base and develop the next versions of TYPO3.

Extension Developers

The 6,000+ extensions of TYPO3 are created by savvy, enthusiastic users (like you!), and can be found in the vast TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER). Here you will find everything from simple site templates to advanced plug-ins as well as user-generated d